About Erica Robin

I am a Fine Oil Painter and Graphic Designer born and raised in Southern California. I have practiced my craft ever since I could pick up a pencil. I studied under the Master artist Michael Ward. From there, I went on to attend California State University Northridge where I majored in the Fine Arts. Transferring from CSUN to Art Institute of California Los Angeles, I graduated with a B.S. degree in Graphic Design.

After going through years of personal turmoil growing up, I now achieve my dreams of being a prolific oil painter. I now use my art as a personal form of therapy to help heal myself as well as others. I come from a family of turmoil, addiction and depression. I have lost 3 people who were extremely close to me to suicide. I believe one of the reasons why so many people are unhappy today is because we have lost our connection to ourselves, to nature and to one another. I intend for my art to serve as a bridge into consciousness that we are all one and connected. I strive with every finished work to invoke feelings of empowerment within oneself and the divine connection that unifies us all.

As an artist, I try to develop paintings that speak to me and to others, through colors and compositions, about the beauty and strength that exists in us and all of life. I feel it's my job as an artist to use my paintings to remind human beings of our roots and the importance of being connected to ourselves and nature. I would describe my style as a combination of surrealism, visionary, and fantasy. My paintings have appeared in a number of showing, exhibits, galleries, and private collections throughout the world.

Group Exhibitions:

  • 2017 "Wishlist 5" Gabba Gallery, Los Angeles CA

  • 2017 One Love Festival, Lake Perris CA

  • 2017 Sally Centigrade Gallery, Lakewood CO

  • 2017 "Venus" La Bodega Gallery, San Diego CA

  • 2017 "Lightning in a Paintcan" Lightning in a Bottle, Bradely CA

  • 2017 "Joshua Tree Music Festival", Joshua Tree CA

  • 2016 "Venus" La Bodega Gallery, San Diego CA

  • 2016 "Visionary" The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles CA

Gallery Representation:

  • 2015-2017 Wild Eye Gallery, Kalispell MT
  • 2015-2016 Lisa Victoria Gallery, New Orleans LA