About Marcello Germana


  The most essential part of an artist's work is that which comprises an internal-external journey and the other way around. Maybe for a number of times indeterminate, where the fire is renewed and speaks in new revealed forms.

  When we thought we had obtained it, the knowledge, dazzles us with a new window and we began to realize, but already in an empirical way, what we are aware at the start of the impulse, that both light and darkness are formed by infinite receptacles that show us part of the great Mystery, which is the Source and Light of all things.

  The first most relevant influences came from the Surrealists, Illustrators of Fantastic Art, Comic and Sci-Fi. In your language. loaded of Symbols, Metaphors and Allegories I saw the reflection of my perceptions in aesthetic and philosophical questions that attracted me. As well as sensuality and female eroticism. 

  For a long time I dedicated myself to the study of Classics, Renaissance, Neoclassical and Baroque, their way of seeing the World and its relationship with what inhabits it, Astros, Myths and Heaven. Passion, Divinity and Man.

  In recent years the fascination with the current Symbolist, gave a marked course to the development of my work."Religion without Religion they professed", spirituality as an individual and collective experience at the same time, the truth and particularity enclosed in each being as infinite vessels carrying a free sparkle. The return of Myth, to the Inspiration, to the subconscious connected to all the pulses of Nature and the elevation towards the astrs, the dialogue with the Starts and Science guided by the Passion.

-Marcelo Germana